Monday, November 12, 2007

Busy Weekend

It's been a busy weekend. Here are some pics from around the house:
I love these mums!

It's literally raining acorns around here!

This is the prettiest tree in are yard this year.

We also had company this weekend. It's a family that's moving to our area in a few weeks.It is really going to be great having more of a youth group in our church. We really had fun playing, Clue, Gestures etc...

Caitlin, Monica, and Jake watching Charmain act her word.

Scamp got spoiled while they were here! (Like he wasn't already:)

Here's one of Charmain without her hand in front of her face!

Well I better get going so I can finish science before supper!


rusty said...

I like your pictures. Where is the new family from and what is their name. When are they moving. Tell us more, we are so excited for you all. I like your new blog!

Angie said...

Well I don't like to give last names on my blog, but they're a family from the Houston area. The dad pastored for a while there.They are a family of six. They came to the camp down by Buffalo a couple of camps ago. Then came to fall retreat this year, and mentioned that they had looked for land in our area,and wanted to move here. They are hoping to move before December.