Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Exciting Weekend

I have had a very fun weekend! My friend Lauren came down for a visit as part of my Christmas to her. The first night we stayed awake till about 4:30. The next day we went shopping, and went to a scrapbook workshop. When we finished with that, we went to Mark and Chari's for a dual birthday party. That night was Ryan's(Mark and Lauren's brother) birthday, and Mark's birthday was Sunday. We had a lunch/party for him after church. Sunday night, Lauren and I stayed up till about 4:00 o'clock Sunday night(or Monday morning) Scrap booking. We got up Monday morning and dad went and got us donuts. Then Chari took us to Hobby Lobby to get scrap booking paper. Then for the highlight of the week we went to see The 5 Browns. They are totally amazing! They are 5 brothers and sisters that play five Steinway grands at the same time. There are some solos, duets, etc... they are incredible pianists ranging from age 20 to 27. We got to get their autographs and talk to them, which was a real highlight for me! We went out for ice cream afterward. Then we stayed up till after 6:00a.m.! (:yes we are crazy:)

Here's me and Lauren

me, Lauren, and our friend Mary

the signed program

Lauren and me at an antique shop(we like to get funny hats and try them on at the stores)

oh yeah, and I taught Lauren a simple crochet stitch on the way to drop her off

here is a video from you- tube of the Browns - we weren't supposed to take pictures during the concert

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Charity said...

Cool pictures! I know y'all had fun, even if you didn't get any sleep! :)

Cool new header, too!