Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Catching Up (Sort Of)

Well, between nasty colds, Crohns flare up, being lazy, and Christmastime in general, you can see I haven't exactly had this at the top of my to-do list. Last Saturday we had our church Christmas dinner. Thats a lot of fun. This year was our second year to do a white elephant gift exchange.
here's the pics:

Jonette opening her gift( with Ashlynns help:)

Kaelin managed to get in to Grandpa's gift (ya gotta love that grin:)

well, I opened the most wanted gift there, just kidding!

we also gave the pastor and wife their Christmas gift $

Well,it's getting late and,the computer has frozen up more times than my liking. So I might post some more later. Just thought I would let y'all know I'm still around. Good night!

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Jackie said...

Hey Angie,THANKS for the Bloggersville. I've finally made the big time! And oh yes, want me to pour you some more cola??!!! Signed, Your Dad.