Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I had writing classes this semester, and I finished last week. It was with other home school kids and I really enjoyed it. By the end of the semester we all had to have a short story written.

Here are most of the kids from the class

me, Rae-Anne, Brianna, Hannah, Mrs. G(our teacher) Katherine, Julia, Dakota

Here is the first part of my story. I'm going to do this in different increments .

Train of Courage

“Don’t you ever trespass on Carter property again!” Emma screamed at the top of her lungs, tears streaming down her cheeks. Her eyes flashed warning signs.

Slade Porter was a backwoodsman who trapped and hunted for a living. Nobody cared much for him. He had a scraggly beard and always chewed tobacco. It was even rumored that he had a still hidden in the hills, but that could never be proven.

Emma raced to the now motionless body of the doe.

“She’s dead!” Emma glared at Slade. The stench of whisky on him seemed to overpower the fresh smell of the woods.

“ ‘Course she’s dead,” his words slurred together. “I killed her.”

“But she has a fawn,” cried Emma through clenched teeth.

“Ain’t nuthin to me. This’n’s gonna feed me for a while, then I’m gonna sell ‘er hide with the rest of my furs,” he said while picking up the lifeless doe. “Like I told ya, ain’t nuthin to me.”

You'll have to keep checking my blog to read the rest of the story:)
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Candles said...

That's great Angie!! I've always loved writing stories. It's always so fun!

lacytraci said...

Your story has a strong start. Now I need to know more!
Traci (Julia's mom)