Sunday, March 9, 2008

East Texas Squirrel Revival

Wow! This morning Chari was teaching Sunday School when she looked up to the door and gave a startled gasp. There was something crawling under the door. Then it started running to our part of the room! It was a flying squirrel! We're used to these little creatures in our back yard, and have spent some fun times seeing them come to eat out of our squirrel feeder, but I have never seen one in the church!!! Needless to say things got pretty exciting around there! He seemed to like the dark keyboard cover, but he kept on wanting to escape through the door which was now blocked. I just started laughing because I could just see this in a scene in a book. Chari thought it was pretty funny too. Poor thing he was so scared! He was running all over the room trying to get find a way out and away from the two laughing giants. We finally got him cornered and into a coffee can, and outside were he belonged!

here he is posing for the photo shoot

Where's the squirrel?

Here's one of the ones that would come to our feeder. They are only about 4 in. or so from the head to the bottom of the tail, and are nocturnal. They will make these high pitched noises and we didn't know what it was till about a year ago. They have this flap of skin between each leg they spread out when they "fly"( you can see it in the picture), and they'll glide from limb to limb which gives them the name flying squirrel.

they are really cute!
(this isn't my picture I got it off a google search)


Candles said...

Haha! Instead of "Where's Waldo?" It's "Where's the Flying Squirrel?" That's funny! I can only imagine what would happen if that was our Sunday School class!

Melissa said...

That sounds exciting. I am sure no one would be sleeping in that class. Good thing you caught him.

Lauren said...

Sounds like an interesting Sunday school lesson. The little guy is really cute!

Charity said...

hmmmm... should somebody tell Angie St. Patty's Day is over??? :)

Charity said...

Well, you haven't posted in a while... oh well...

I tagged you! See my blog to find out why! :)

You got the music up!! Yay! I like it!