Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Iv'e been tagged!!!

Wouldn't you know it somebody actually wants me to write on my blog. hmmm... now isn't that strange;) Yep I'm still alive! Actually things have been pretty busy around here, and I'm just too lazy to write a new post:) Well I got tagged by Chari so here goes!

1) What I was doing ten years ago:
Well I would have been 6 years old at the time and can't remember a whole lot of what I was doing, so I'll talk about my case of the chicken pox. We found out I had them when we went to Branson for a vacation. On the way there I started feeling sick, and needless to say I really didn't see much of Branson outside of our hotel room. Chari, Mom, and Dad would take shifts taking care of me, and would bring me back something special.

2) Things on my to-do list today:
Well, since to day is half over I'll tell you some of the things I've already done. I went to church this morning, and came home and had a really yummy dinner. I'm blogging right now, and I'll be going to church tonight

3) Snacks I enjoy:
turtle chex mix
ice cream

4) If I were a billionaire I'd...
Give money to the church
go on a mission trip
give to the orphanage our church supports

5)My 3 worst habits are...
not drinking enough water
not saving my money

6)Places I have lived:

7)Jobs I have held:
bread maker
cleaning lady

8) People I would like to tag

So getting caught up on the current events. I've added a playlist to my blog, I like all kinds of music, but one kind I really enjoy is Celtic music. Are my Irish roots showing or what? I also like Josh Groban and Michelle Tumes,who are both on there. BTW Orinoco Flow is done by Celtic Woman not Enya like the pic says, and the ones that are listed under bluestnow are also Celtic Woman. Anyway, I'm really excited about the playlist. Well, since Chari has blogged about most of the things that have been happening lately, I'll show pics from when I went to the zoo. I haven't been there for years, so it was fun going back. Lauren,Dustin,and a friend got to come down, so I got to be with them. Now are you ready to tour the zoo? I'll be your tour guide for this trip, and there will be so much info that you will probably go from my blog with your head spinning. So read carefully and slowly to make sure you get it all.

Our first animal, I think this is a white tiger. It is really big kind of like a big house cat, but I wouldn't suggest petting it.

Next,I have no idea what these birds are, but they have really long, flat bills and are pink. Are you able to keep up? If not start with the big house cat and review.

and here is another type of kitty cat I wouldn't suggest petting, I think they call it a lion.It has a big mane and pretty much likes to soak up the sun, although it generally doesn't prefer the beach.

this is called an elephant. It tried and tried to think of a way to stuff the whole bale of hay in his mouth at once, but he finally had to give up. I think his eyes were a little bigger than his mouth!:)

and finally we come to the monkey exhibit, just kidding(I think:) me, Lauren, Dustin, and Dan is the friend that came down with them.

Hope you enjoyed the tour, and if you have any questions leave a comment:) Thank you and please come again!


Charity said...

Yay! An update!! :) What an informative zoo tour. The pink birds are called "spoonbills." I like the monkey cage.

Candles said...

Wow, long time no hear!!! lol Good to hear from you again! =)

Jenae said...

Your Alive!!1 lol thx for the tour!

Jennifer said...

I enjoyed the music. It takes me back to oh, about 6 weeks ago in your living room. Very nice!! Speaking of bread maker, we enjoyed the bread you sent home with us. Thanks for the zoo tour. Now go drink a glass of water :)

Jen True

Anonymous said...

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