Friday, May 16, 2008


Well, I did it again, I haven't written in over a month! Where does the time go! Oh well, better late than never I suppose.

Chari nominated me for this one.

The Two's
Two names I go by:

Two Things I Am Wearing Right Now:
1.My London England shirt
2.a jean skirt

Two of my favorite things to do:
1.Hang out with friends
2.Go shopping:)

Two things I want very badly at the moment:
1.To be done with school for the summer
2.To have an easier way of seeing friends and family that I don't see very much

Two pets I have/had:

Two people you would like to fill this out: (if you want to)
1.Mellisa P.

Two things I did last night:
1.Played in my recital
2.ate ice cream afterwards

Two things I have eaten today:
1.Cap'n Crunch
2.Part of a Pop Tart (aren't I healthy today?:)

Two people I last talked to:
1. Mom

Two things I am doing tomorrow:
1.Going to church
2.Singing in church with our trio

What was my longest car ride:
1.East Texas to Idaho via California Coast (I was only 10 months at the time so I don't remember it too well:)
2. East Texas to Seattle, WA

Two favorite holidays:
2.My b-day( wait a minute thats not a holiday is it;)

Two favorite beverages:
1.Does starbucks frappucino count?

Two things I have done today:
1.Got up(now there's an accomplishment:)

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Bill & Marsha said...

Too much water will give you kidney stones.Drink more sweet tea! smile